Carla S.Gerfeld

Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “ #AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

Siddiqa Khalifa

I am an ambitious and dedicated writer. I have completed my BA in English Literature and Education Studies. Upon completing my degree, I traveled to New Jersey where I was an Au Pair to two young boys for over a year. Currently, I reside in England and work as a Journalist.
I am one of the writers of ‘Au Pairs Chronicles.

Hi… What I’m doing here? Ah yeah talk about myself ! Do you know Mr. Robot, Star Wars, The big bang theory…? It’s me… or a kind of everything mixed.
A little bit of geek with a piece of nerd. You guessed, I’m an IT engineer.
Speciality : Network, system and security administration. After 5 years of studies with a couple of boring diploma and certificate, 6 years working I decided to travel and I… met Carla S.Gerfeld !
Purely by chance, and when I saw so much technology in her hand I realised that it was my duty to help her. Be sure It’s no easy feat !
But always happy to help. I have one quote too : « What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. » and vice versa.