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When Gossip Girl meets Desperate Housewives… People think that au pairs are just foreign nannies, and I wish they could read all the confessions I receive daily on my blog that prove them wrong… Four girls who left their countries to become au pairs in Washington, D.C. are hoping to find themselves and fill a void.

Franziska is German and finds herself in a tumultuous relationship with the hottest bachelor in town, hoping to save him but also herself. Karolina, the Polish one, represents the perfect au pair that everyone wishes to be. The thing is that when you’re too perfect and beautiful, many men will want you … even the married ones. Sanaa and Chloé are both French, and while the former is excited to start her adventure though unaware of what difficult truth is awaiting her, the latter is hiding a secret and would do anything, even make a pact with the devil, to stay in her newfound country… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

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