Traveling Across The U.S. On A Budget

What are the most advantageous aspects of being an au pair in the U.S I hear you ask? Traveling, of course! You make the most out of your au pair year when you travel. Don’t forget that this is a cultural exchange program and your 12 months in the U.S fly past quickly than you could ever imagine! Make the most out of living in America by going to traveling to multiple States.

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I couldn’t wait to visit famous places like New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, LA, San Francisco and so on. But with a weekly income of $195.75, it’s difficult to save up money if you want to travel all over. Luckily, I’ve comprised a list of some of the cheapest flights and hotels online!

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If you’re looking for flights, don’t forget it can be cheaper to book flights and hotels together. Remember that flying out during the week is considerably cheaper than flying out on the weekend. 

USA Flights



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Before booking hotels or hostels, make sure you read the reviews to avoid disappointment. Hostels will be considerably cheaper and an easy way to make international friends. But if you’re looking for something more private, a hotel will be a great choice.

Read hotel reviews here

Cheap hotels in the USA



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If you only have a day or two in your designated location, then Viator has some cheap and fun day trips available. It’s cheap to book online and you get to see the main sights without paying such costly figures.

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Au Pair Tours – Last but not least, if you’re traveling solo and looking for company, did you know there are also au pair tours available? This is an ideal option if you have saved up money during your au pair year and looking to travel in your additional travel month.

Au Pair Adventures

East Coast Tours

Trek America

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