Back home series: I returned abroad

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I’ve decided to write several articles about “the return home” since many au pairs loved it differently, I felt like I could share experiences from former au pairs concerning their return. I named those articles “Back home series” and the first one as you guessed will concern au pairs that went back and felt like going abroad again because they didn’t feel at home in their home country.


Let’s start with Martina, a 22 year italian that was really happy to go back home then realized she needed to go back abroad as a student since the return was too difficult for her…

“I would say that the last weeks before my departure were very exciting! I tried to make the most out of it as I knew I was about to leave. I was also happy to go back home because I knew my adventure was at the end. However, I didn’t expect to feel nostalgic on the day I was leaving my host family. I then realized I didn’t want that time to finish so suddenly.

“When I got home I felt very sad I really wanted to be back with my friends who were still there. I felt overwhelmed by my parents who were pushing me to start University.”

Which is the reason why I went back in July (to have the time to study and start Uni the following September). Within only a few days I was at home I knew that being there in my own home town was not the right place for me anymore. So I decided to go back to England and start University there, which is what I am currently doing now.
If I look back at my experience as an au pair I think I would never forget those nine incredible months, they were pure adrenaline!! Being independent, having your money, making friends from everywhere and going wherever you wanted was absolutely crazy. I think I made the best choice ever about having a gap year. I do feel very satisfied right now. I think I’ll move in another country once I finish my degree here in England. I love travelling so that would be a good reason for me to keep studying and being somewhere else. Overall I am very happy with what I am doing. 


Concerning Calyn Anne, a former au pair in USA, she experiences the return home 3 times and decided the third time to go back in the United States as a service producer associate.

 The first two times I returned home, it was in 2009 and 2011. This time I stayed and I’m working now for a church in Baltimore (USA). I got involved with the church when I first arrived. I was intent on making my au pair experience more than the typical au pair adventure. After being involved for just over a year they decided to enter into a working visa with me. This process took a year and it was emotional. I got this job as I was a volunteer and it turned out to be something I really loved. My title is weekend service producer associate. 

When I returned home the first time, it was so hard. I felt like I didn’t know anyone anymore and battled to find my place. It probably took me about two months to settle again.

“My first Aupair experience was horrible but had awakened the travel bug in me.”

A year and a half later, I went to be an au pair in the Netherlands which was the most amazing experience of my life. Right now I plan to stay in the US as my life is already in motion. Au pairing is the most liberating experience for anyone who is open to it. I have met so many friends from around the world and kids that have left many imprinted memories in my heart for the rest of my life.


As for Megan, who is 21, she decided to become a repeat au pair… 

I went back home after 11 months back to Belgium where I worked in a hotel for about 6 months. But then  left as it was not working! So I decided to be an au pair again but this time in the Netherlands where I only stayed two months. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out (too many hours with spoiled kids) so I decided to leave. Now I am in Ireland in Portmarnock Dublin so in total I was back again after like 8 months.

Going back home I was very exited at first I missed everyone – my family and friends. I started a full-time job and it all went well for a while but then I missed the freedom. I missed being able to travel, I missed the au pair life. I continued to stay at my job until it really just didn’t work anymore so I decided to be an au pair all over again.
My advice is to listen to your heart, follow what it says. If you want to stay in your host country you will find a way trust me ❤ but as hard as it is, don’t give up studying for it you can always go back in the future!


My personal experience…repeat au pair in Australia….

Many of you already know this but I was an au pair in the USA for two years and then went as a repeat au pair in Australia. The thing was…it took me two years before I decided to go abroad again. You also know how the return was difficult resulting a gain of weight (check my video here if you are interested).
I tried to convince myself that I should settle down even if I knew I would go back abroad  again but how was I supposed to do it when I was so lost? So I waited to have a sign, to be ready and one day, I quit my job, left my apartment and one month later I was in a plane heading to Australia …
I went there, full of hope and dreams hopping that maybe my life would drastically change and I would fall in love with this country like I did for USA but it didn’t happen that way.
Of course, my life was great, I had the best family that any au pair could dream to have, I had other jobs on the side, I even worked full time after a few months and rented an apartment with roomates but yet, I still had this empty void inside of me. What was wrong with me? I kept asking myself… I was supposed to be happy, I had the opportunity to lose weight, make friends even work on my personality and yet something was missing so I went back home after a year and decided to focus on my book, #AUPAIRCHRONICLES. Who knows I may go back abroad again… We’ll see…

Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

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