Au Pair True Story: Nightmare in Germany

Please be indulgent because you may find some mistakes since this story was written by a non-English speaker.

I was a au pair I the town of Cologne Germany during 9 months,I had a very hard time getting myself back from before this au pair experience because of all of the psychological abuse I suffered from with this host family.
I first found this family on au pair world and they seemed very nice, three children two girls (7 and 5) and a boy 3 at the time. I wanted to learn German for many reasons so I figured becoming an au pair would be perfect. The mom even spoke French and English very well so I was released the language barrier would not be a problem at least in the beginning. I skipped with them several time over the course of a month, we got along, they explained me how it would all work and I was ok with it.
First off my schedule was never respected but then this seems to be very common for us au pairs, the problems started with the father (who never spoke during the Skype calls, red flags!!!) the second day the he told me
“I actually really do no like French people”
to which I did not reply since my understanding of German was ok but my speaking was awful.
The children were horrible little monsters who had never experienced an ounce of education, the 5 year old girl was a very sensitive girl and she sometimes was sweet but influenced by her sibling. I was punched in the face, in the stomach, spat on, told to shut up, bitten, insulted, treated like a slave with zero respect, and that was only with the kids.
The mom was a very mentally unstable person( I will not go further), who had landed me an iPhone for the au pair time (I had never had an iPhone in my life and had little knowledge of how different it was from an android) I found out unfortunately at the end of my stay that the iPhone I had had family sharing on it and that she could see my pictures my messages EVERYTHING on my phone.
She knew things I had texted my mom or my friends but that I had not told her, I first thought of a camera.Turns out I had no privacy the whole time…
The mom would  make me overwork, make me do everything and call me an ungrateful person, the promises that had been made were not held and she would often basically call me stupid because I struggled with German.
“My host dad was also very abusive, he would go into my room when I was not there, some of my underwear went missing”
and I could never prove it but I think he had something to do with it. He stole my online bank accounts details and would log into my account (I never got it back, I then changed my bank) and would question me about my purchase. He would make fun of me, call me fat, the mom would introduce me to her friend as a disgraceful au pair. 
The father was always at home somehow but never wanted to take care of his children, he much preferred to work on his tan in the garden, while the children would physically hurt me the parents would not lift a finger.
These people mentally broke me, the confident outgoing person I was, was miserable. I one day announced to the father that I was quitting to which he replied that “no” I was not allowed to quit and that I shall keep on working until the end of the contract, to which I explained that it would not happen. After my resignation, I was working non stop and being treated like garbage by the parents.
I hope that the more we tell our stories the more people will notice them and maybe one day finally this program, which can be great, will be more supervised! We need to tell people what happened or what is happening, we all know of Sophie Lionnet who was murdered by her host family, as much as this is rare this should not be allowed to happen. 
I now have such a great life and I am so thankful for it, and yet I never forgot these people, they haunted me for months after I left, I had very often horrible nightmares about them.
But I guess what does not kill you makes you a strong bad ass bitch!!
Thanks for reading!

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