Which au pair are you from #AUPAIRCHRONICLES novel?

By the end of the month, you’ll be tired of me saying it so I would like to apologize in advance for this sentence that I keep repeating « As you may know already, my book will come out this autumn and since I keep telling you that you will find yourself in one of the main characters, what better way to do it, than play my favorite game “Which au pair are you?”  I’m sure, you may even find yourself in multiple characters…


Franziska Muller: The false cliché

You are like Franziska if you represent the cliché of an au pair. Best friend with the liquor and always wearing revealing clothes during the weekend, during the week, you become a regular girl and the best au pair a host family could ever have. People think that you are a poor girl who came here just to have fun, but you are more than that. For years, you’ve been hiding yourself, not daring to be the one you truly are and even decided to be an au pair to escape this life that is not yours without naming your intrusive mother or dad. Here, you are finally yourself – confident, and not seen as the girl next door or the second choice for males. Actually you have never been more appealing than today. The thing is even if you’re coming from afar, your wounds are so deep that they may come to the surface again….

Sanaa Sy: The dreamer

Like Sanaa, you’ve decided to be an au pair because you wanted to challenge yourself. For years you’ve been the person everyone expects you to be and sometimes you even wondered if your family and close friends really knew you. And because you spent most of your time living in your mind than living in your body, you lack of life experiences. Projecting yourself into characters like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, always leaves you feeling like your life should be lived from a movie scene with lots of drama. Since you are a dreamer, you can be very naïve and you expect your host family to be perfect like in  “7th heaven” with an easy host kid but careful because life may prove you wrong… After all, you were looking for drama, right?

Karolina Kowalska: The perfect

Life has always been easy for you. You’re in an amazing relationship after having been raised by a loving family full of great values which has helped you to be naturally confident. While some would have a bad host family, yours is great, while some would be in a challenging long-distance relationship with their boyfriends back home, yours support you all along. While some would feel all over the place and experiment homesickness and anxiety you have always been even-tempered. From the outside, you represent the perfect au pair and girls envy you without knowing that being Mrs Perfect may have some inconvenience as well…


Chloe Lefevre: The one ready to stay at every cost.

You are like Chloé if you are easily influenced and very shy. Your au pair adventure is far from being great and you don’t dare to talk about it to your friends because you’re afraid of being judged but what’s worse is that you’re also afraid to leave this country that has so much to offer. Maybe because of your youth or because thinking about returning home may scares you but there is no way you would go through a rematch and risk going back home. Instead you would do anything to stay even if that means making a deal with the devil…

Jackie: The villain

Whether you are an actual au pair or a former one, the main reason why you decided to enter the program in the first place was for everything except the kids. People see you as a selfish and opportunist person who’ll do anything to succeed. You like attention and social media. If you have to date the most popular bachelor in town to gain followers you’ll do it without hesitation, same if you have to marry a regular guy to get a green card… Even if you don’t have many friends, you don’t care what people think as long you win like always and after all they don’t know you, they don’t know that life conditioned you to be this person…

Despite all of this you are doing a great job as an au pair and your host kids love you, no wonder why your host parents asked you to change your visa and be a student… As I said, you always win.


Now tell us…which one are you? Are you excited to read the book? Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook to let me know:)


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