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I hope you are doing well. Summer vacations are coming up and as much as you love your host kids, I bet you would like to have some time off especially knowing that some of you will have your kids all day long. Last week an idea popped into my head, no actually I had this for a long time but I was too lazy to write articles about it  Since we all know au pair means au poor, I’ve decided, with Siddiqa’s help to write articles every month I mean, we’ll try where we would share some of the cheapest deals online! Feel free to write me a message on Facebook and Instagram if you want me to share your deals as well. It would be the best way to develop this amazing community for all travelers 🙂


Deal Package

LAS Vegas & The Grand Canyon From $272 Incl. Flights, Hotel, Day Tour, & Resort Fee

3-Night Planet Hollywood Vegas Vacation From $176 Incl. Flights

10-night stay in top-rated 4* hotel in Bali + flights from Los Angeles for $560!

Fly To Los Angeles From $127 Round Trip From The East Coast & Midwest—10 Cities For Under $250!


 Buses and Travel tickets


Washington DC

Washington DC- New York From 19,99$

New York

New York – Philadelphia From 11, 99$

New York – Miami From 197$

New York – Atlanta From 189$


Chicago – New York From 138$

Chicago – Las Vegas From 144$

Chicago – Denver From 210$



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What better way to celebrate the American sunshine with the cheapest deals on flights and hotels? Classic tourism, of course! We’ve compiled a short list of things for you to check out whether it’s taking a pic next to the White House or grabbing a bite of the famous Chicago pizza.

If you’re not too busy enjoying the view at Lincoln Memorial, DC have some of the most historical and beautiful museums!


Washington DC


Cheap Places To Eat

Landmarks To Visit

New York City can get pretty expensive once you’ve booked your hotels and subway tickets. Did you know there are also free walking tours as well free attractions you can visit? The big apple is one of the best cities with a scenic skyline so be sure to take in its breathing taking views.

New York:

Free Walking Tours

Free Things To Do

Landmarks To Visit

The great thing about Chicago is that it is a relatively small city and an ideal getaway for a weekend. From the Bean, Millennium Park, to Willis Tower and Navy Pier, don’t forget to try Chicago style pizza!


Cheap Things To Do & See

Chicago Pizza

Getting around Chicago



Free or cheap Haircuts in New York

Get one free when you buy any Frappuccino blended beverage or espresso beverage, size grande or larger.

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