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Hi, I’m an Italian au pair, I live in California and here’s my story:

One day I dropped off my host kid at his piano lesson. When I arrived there, the teacher was waiting for us, but she wasn’t alone. a cute guy with brown short hair and green eyes was present…her son. His name was Kyle.

 I knew she had a son, but I haven’t seen him before that day. My first thought was : ” This boy seems very kind and nice.” Nothing more. 
We introduced to each other and  

“when I looked into his eyes I felt something inside me” 

I realized it was kind of love at first sight. He wanted to know everything about me, my family, my life etc but we couldn’t really talk because we were in front of my host kid and his mum. So considering that, they had to begin the piano lesson, he asked me to move into the kitchen to finish our conversation.  We talked a lot, about everything, the chemistry between us was undeniable.Then he gave me a flower with some chocolate, saying 

” I know that we have just met, but you’re a pretty girl and I would be glad If you take it. “

I was definitely overwhelmed ! I didn’t expect it. Com’on ! We just met !!!
Anyway.. when the lesson finished we said goodbye to each other, Kyle gave me a smile as if I wasn’t in love already.
The week after I saw him again at his place when I dropped  my host kid off and when I went back to my car, he followed me and asked my number. I agreed, he then asked me out on a date. Since that moment we spent a lot of time together. We went out for dinner, happy hours, movies, beach etc. We kissed multiples times and we had sex…
“After almost 2 months, I received a Skype call from my ex from Italia (Piero) and he told me he was coming to California for vacation and to see me…. “

He also told me that he planned to stay for 3 months. 
To be honest, I was happy and excited ! I missed him, we broke up in a nonsense way and we had some suspended issues. On the other side I was kind of moving on with Kyle ! Anyway, a few weeks later I went to pick up Piero to the airport.
Kyle didn’t know anything. I just didn’t want him to worry about it. But then it happened, I realized that I still had feelings for my ex. Having him here was such a bless ! Of course, he stayed here for a few period of time, but still, I wanted to resolve our situation.
It took a bit of courage but I did it, I talked to Kyle. 

“Obviously he got mad and told me I was a slut and he couldn’t trust me anymore because an ex is an ex!”

I tried to apologize to him, even if I didn’t do anything wrong ! But I understood him in the same time, I said to him: “This is my decision. My ex is here and he’s alone. I consider him as one of my closest friend and I don’t want him to go away, I still want him in my life. BUT I also need you in my life. You let me believe again in something, you let me believe that I can still have feelings for someone. So, if you want you know where to find me and If you don’t want, it’s okay but Kyle, my life doesn’t depend on a man.”
After that I never saw Kyle again until yesterday. We just said “Hi” to each other with a forced smile and that was it.
It’s true, I still have feelings for my ex but I know he will come back to Italy and then there’s summer (season of adventures!!!) so this is why I don’t wanna lose Kyle. I really like him ! But I wanna be an independent woman, I don’t wanna suffer and I don’t want other people to suffer !

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