Au Pair Friendships – A True Love Story

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Apart from living and working in an entirely different country, the only other aspect of being an au pair worried me was making friends. Some of the questions that creeped into my head nights before I flew to the US was “How am I going to make friends?”, “Who will I hang out with?” or “Who do I talk to if I have a problem?”

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Living and working abroad is an exciting yet challenging experience all au pairs face. We grow accustom to our routine led lives in our native country, making it difficult to adopt to a new way of living.

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Before I left the UK to be an au pair in the US, my LCC introduced me to au pairs in New Jersey via email. This was a great way for me to reach out to other au pairs in my area. I highly recommend you join Facebook groups/pages where there are au pairs in your town so you feel like you have someone to talk to before you even get there!
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One of the best things about making friends abroad is that even though you live miles apart at the end of your au pair year, these friendships last for a lifetime!

Here are some of the things I learned about having au pair friends.

1) You can always depend on them. Whenever I had a bad day with my host kids or my host parents, it was my au pair friends that I ran to. Not my friends back home because they had no idea what I was going through.

2) Traveling buddy for life! I traveled all over the US with my au pair friends. I’ve been to DC, Boston and Niagara Falls. Even when I returned home we always made plans to visit other countries together even though we were thousands of miles apart.

3) Au pair friends vs friends back home. The friends you make as an au pair are entirely different to your friends back home. Au pair friends realize and understand chasing bigger dreams, traveling and not settling for structured lives. And now I have friends all over the country!

4) Friends forever. Even though I am hundreds and thousands of miles apart from my au pair friends in multiple countries and we do not talk every single day, nothing will change between us. I know I will always have my au pair friends in France, Germany, New York and Mexico. Most importantly, au pair friendships last for a lifetime as will the memories

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