What are your 4th July plans? [Aupairs tips]

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Schools out! Which means you’ve been picking up the slack and adding more hours onto your au pair schedule. Summer is usually the busiest time of the year for every au pair – it’s scorching hot, the kids are off school and your host parents are still working long hours through the night.
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But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your limited time off during these busy months. America’s Independence Day, also known as 4th July, is just around the corner. Whether it’s your first or second time experiencing the national holiday, we want you to have a great time!
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So no matter where you are in the States, here are some things you can do to celebrate.
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  1. If you’re on the East Coast and can travel to NY, check out the fireworks from a boat cruise but make sure you book in advance! Or if you’re looking for more entertainment, there’ll be loads of music gigs and live shows across New York City.AS Roma usa independence day rocky philadelphia GIF
  2. For those of you in the historical city of Philadelphia, a 6 day festival is taking place leading up to July 4th on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Mary J. Blige will be performing and to conclude the event, there will be festival fireworks for everyone to enjoy!
  3. Or if you want to get away from the chaotic cities, get down to the Jersey Shore and enjoy a stroll on the beach and pizza by the sea for a calm celebration.
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  4. If you’re lucky enough to be in sunny California for the event, Los Angeles’ public fireworks will be displayed at Marina Del Ray, just south of Santa Monica.
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  5. Spend 4th July in San Francisco, where fireworks will be launched at Aquatic Pier, just below Ghirardelli Pier. You can check them out from the top floor of the Anchorage shopping mall and Pier 39’s garage. If you would like to see fireworks all around the bay area, visit Treasure Island or even the Marin Headlands which is north of the Golden Gate Bridge for a bird’s eye view.
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This is only a short list of just some of the great cities where you can witness some of the amazing entertainment. We hope you have a great time and we’d love to hear what you’re doing for 4th July. Don’t forget to take lots of pics to create those great memories. Tag #aupairschronicles and we may even repost them on our social media!


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