AU PAIR TRUE STORY: I married my husband for the Green Card

Disclaimer: By respect for the person, her name and location have been changed.
You may find mistakes in the following story as it was sent by a non-native English speaker.
For the sake of authenticity, the message have not been altered.
Thank you for your understanding.
Hello there, if you are here reading my story, you might think I am such a bad person. Getting married for the Green Card, how dare I ?
My name is Alina, I am from a suburban of Bogota in Colombia, where I used to live with my siblings and my mother in a way too small place for the 4 of us. I didn’t dream about the United States specifically but I knew I wanted to get out of this place I used to call home. I have heard of the program Au pair in America by a friend who was going there too. I thought this was my chance and I was going to take it. After saving enough money over months, I was able to finally sign up with an agency and get into the process. I got lucky and found a nice family of 3 in in New Jersey(the parents and just one little girl). My journey started September 2013. I was so excited and scared at the same time. 
Whenever I got there, I fell in love right away with the USA, everything seemed possible. My host family was great and I even decided to extend with them.
The truth is I extended with them to get more time to find a husband. Don’t judge me. Maybe you were not living in the conditions I was living. My family isn’t quite close to rich, it was hard for me to find a decent job in Colombia, the salaries compared to the cost of life are very low. I needed a way out. So I started to date. One guy. Then two, three, four, five ! Yes, I dated five guys at the same time. I needed one to propose so I could be sure to stay in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, it was so hard to keep it up. I had to lie to all of them and that was one of the most difficult parts especially when they wanted to see me at the same time. Good I could tell them I was working for the family so they were not asking me anymore questions. I also had to lie about having social medias, no way they could find out I was on Facebook so I changed my name for another one.
After dating some for a few months and two others for the whole year, I had then two potential future husbands. One was in New Jersey, one was in Chicago, yes I did one long distance relationship after finding him on an online dating website and it was actually the easiest to handle as he was not around. The one in New Jersey told me he didn’t want me to go home and he knew what we had to do. We talked about getting married and after a few weeks, he finally proposed.
I didn’t mention something but I must confess, I didn’t love him. Of course he didn’t know, that was one of my many lies. I am not proud of it. Faking is harder than you can possibly think. After a year and two months of relationship based on lies, I was getting married to this man. March 2015 I was Mrs O. And it’s been now more than 3 years we are married, got my green card and will soon apply for citizenship. I never went back home, my mother and siblings came to visit recently but they were not there for the ceremony as we kept it kind of secret at first. Only my best friend knows I didn’t love my husband. But after those years I can tell you, love has been growing, you might not believe me but it is true. I got to know my husband better by living and spending more time together. There is something that wasn’t there before : feelings. I can affirm you today, yes I love my husband. It took time, it wasn’t love at the first time, I married him for the green card but after all, it worked. 

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