9 things you lose when you become an au pair

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Hello au pair family,

I don’t know about you but after living in USA for a little while , I felt like a teenager all over again and I was 24 (25) back then so imagine how it must have felt for me to hear my 2nd host family telling me they would give me a curfew (let’s laugh a moment about that). No wonder why, I asked the rematch 3 months later. Anyway, I invite you to  discover these things that most au pairs lose when they go abroad and then, tell me what is the most important thing that you’re losing right now?


1) Your intimacy

It goes without saying that living with a host family is not an easy task, sometimes you just wish to stay in your room for an entire weekend or just have a sleepover at your friends house during the week, especially when you used to live by yourself. But you don’t dare to do all these things because what will your host family think? Even if they are are cool and open minded.

2) A Good Salary

Ah! Ah! Bye, bye good money and Bonjour pocket, little, insignificant money.

US$195.75 – please let’s not calculate how much it represents per hour and please let’s not compare it to our previous salary ‘cause tears might run down our cheeks.


3) Your Mother Tongue.

Before you used to speak your mother tongue perfectly but after 6 months abroad, you speak a new language that is a mix between your mother tongue and English. A habit that you keep even when you go back to your home country and all your friends are like: ” Why do you show off?” and you’re like “I’m not, it’s just easier in English”and they’re like “well, you’re not in USA anymore” …OUCH!


4) Your family & friends

Being an au pair is an incredible experience as this is a chance to make new friends from all around the world, from different cultures but it’s important to remember that it’s not always easy, especially with the language barrier. Something that you could easily explain to your BFF or your family members might be difficult to explain to your new friends.


5) Your Points of Reference

New home, new country, new family…People don’t realize how difficult the change can be. You lose all your points of reference and you have to find strength to find new ones, to be open and not let your mood affect your spirit.


6) Your Patience

You liked to think that you were a very patient person…but it was before you had your host kids. Repeat everything 10 times, sigh, close your eyes to stop yourself from screaming are your new habits and by the end of the day you usually lose your mind.

7) The Fight With Your Diet

New country also means new food: Cupcake shops, Cheesecake Factory, Taco Bell, Wendy’s….

Me on a diet: “I have time, I’ll start it a few months before I leave the country”


8) Your Brain

Just two words…”Emotional Rollercoaster”

Monday you cry, Tuesday you wanna stay here forever, Wednesday you wanna rematch and blah blah blah…


9) Your Old Self

By the end of this adventure you’ll evolve so much that you will wonder if you became a new person.

In one year you took risks, you discovered so many new places, you improved your English, now, you have a whole new social life and you certainly have new dreams. Be proud and remember that you didn’t change you just evolved, you’re lucky because for some people it can take 10 years to evolve.

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