6 reasons why we gain weight abroad

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Let’s talk about weight! This difficult and annoying subject. It all started with a cupcake and three months later…the only thing I can tell you is that my boyfriend jeans became a slim one size 10 or L. Okay Enough with the talk! 6 reasons why we gain weight abroad:


1) Change of routine

Going abroad means CHANGE and ADAPTATION. I remember not being a huge fan of American food and I would rather not mention “Australian food” AH!AH! It was hard for me to adapt myself and find products similar to France, (even vegetables tasted different), also I remember that dinner time was so different from France. There we could eat around 6.30 P.M when in France I would eat at 8.PM. Was I the only one? Please tell me I wasn’t. Anyway, so what I did was going towards what I knew the most ...MC DONALD’S


2) Emotional rollercoaster 

You’re not a real au pair or a real traveler if you don’t go through the phase that I’ve named “the weekly WTF”. Monday: I’m homesick, Tuesday: I love my host family, Wednesday:  I need to find a way to stay here, Thursday: I miss my own family, Thursday: I’m so tired of the job,  Friday: TGIF, let’s travel etc  So explain to me how is it possible to survive without food next to you during those crazy moments? I used to nibble all day! Especially after I had my dinner, when I was on Skype with my family or just watching a movie on NETFLIX or my computer. FOOD IS LIFE, OKAY! Plus why do they always close the food store so late? They are so tempting. I remember when I felt homesick aka one or two days/week, I wouldn’t want to see anyone, not even my host family, so I would skip dinner and just eat junk food 🙁 How was I suppose to stay fit? At least you guys now have all those Instagrammers  and YouTubers to motivate you 🙁


3) We become lazy

We are less active since our life here is less intense than in our country in a way that we don’t have to take the bus or the metro to head to our office unless we are traveling ( if you are interested in finding travel deals click  HERE and HERE) Plus many au pairs don’t work 45 hours. At home, we have our point of reference and our habits. I also remember that I used to walk more in France than in the USA.


4) Portions are bigger 

And it doesn’t help because we like to go out with our friends a lot. The fault of Starbucks and McDonalds When au pairs are not taking care of their kids or sleeping…well, they are gossiping about other au pairs or their host families (just kidding)  and since they can’t do it at their home where do you think they go? Ah!Ah! It was white chocolate moccha with  cheesecake for me…What about you?


5) Fall in love

You cry, you’re happy, then you cry again and blah and blah so you need to comfort yourself and who becomes your best friend? FOOOOOOOOD.

6) Confidence

What does gaining weight have to do with confidence you’ll ask me? Well, I don’t know about you but I remember that when I was in the USA, I felt more free and myself ’cause compared to France, people don’t really judge (or at least less). You can wear black lipstick yet nobody will give a damn about you! AH!AH! It’s the same with clothes I could wear anything I want and I don’t know why but for some magical reason, I felt so good in my own skin that I didn’t care about what I was eating ’cause in my mind I was a Queen, yet it changed when I came face to face with my mirror back home.

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