6 Men that Au Pairs should never date!


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1)The New ‘Host Kid’

 You guys are pretty serious and since your host parents are cool, you introduced him to them. Everything was perfect until he started to spend more time with your host kids than you!
He used to come over when you were working  but now when he visits, it’s only to play video games with your kids. When he can’t come, your kids are complaining like he is their actual au pair. I bet you want to scream: “Geez, get a life!” 

2) The Manipulative Guy

When you’re with him you feel like you are unable to make decisions, he’s controlling and sometimes uses intimidation to gain compliance.
He also makes you feel responsible for his feelings.
This one is the most dangerous! If you are currently dating a guy like that you better run before it’s too late.
You came to USA to have the time of your life so don’t let anyone ruin your dream. In my novel #AUPAIRCHRONICLES one of the main characters is dating a manipulative guy and I’m already crying, realizing how much he will destroy her life.

3) Mister FUCKBOY


He’s everything you ever wanted…HOT! SMART and SUPER NICE but he keeps cheating on you!
And you can’t even be mad at him because you guys are not exclusive, he told you he wanted to be in an open relationship and you accepted because you felt so lucky that someone like him could want you! If I can give you some advice, next time you think it’s hard for you to leave him, ask yourself if you would recommend a man like him to your host kid…



Okay, this one is really something! He’s a good guy, cute with good manners but….
he’s unstable. One day you guys are like Beyonce and Jay Z – the perfect couple and deep in love but the next day, he’ll ignore you before claiming he “needs some time to reflect” LMAO!
Don’t be surprised if he tells you soon that he loves you but has feelings for your au pair friend. 🙁

5) The Mysterious One

This guy bewitches you and you don’t even remember your name when you’re close to him.
You don’t understand his motivations and he’s hard to predict.
You’ve never met his family or his closest friends.
He’s constantly on your mind because he’s like a mystery that you want to unravel.
When you’re away you realize that he knows everything about, but you, on the contrary only know his name.
Most of the time you’re the mystery for men. Since you’re the foreigner, they never get you but it seems that for once it’s the opposite….

6) The tortured Soul 

In my novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES” Franziska (the German au pair) is dating Connor Hayden, a Chuck Bass type of guy only Gossip Girl fan will understand this reference. He’s the perfect combo: rich, good looking and very into her. Since she met him, her au pair life totally changed for the best but also for the worst. As much as she loves him Franziska has a hard time coping with his mood swings and his reckless attitude.
A part of her wants to save him and be the light in his life and yet another one is afraid that this relationship could ruin her au pair adventure…
Can’t wait for you to discover those characters in October 2018 when my book will come out 🙂

Now, I want to know everything about your own situation. Are you single? Dating someone? Married to your soul-mate?

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Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

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