Yamina Niya: From au pair to reality star

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128 000 followers on Instagram and new reality star, Yamina Niya found success in the French version of “ARE YOU THE ONE?” where 20 people had to find their perfect match to win 200,000 euros.

Spontaneous and very down to earth, Yamina was eager to answer my questions and tell me all about her au pair experience.

Her au pair adventure…

“I’ ve been an au pair for three years and had 4 different families (In England and USA). When I went to England, I found my family on a website called ‘Au Pair World’ and when I went to USA, I went through an agency called ‘Cultural Care Au Pair’.

My two experiences were magical. I think this is a lifetime experience to be able to travel and be able to work so if young people don’t know what to do for a year or after their studies, being an au pair is something that I recommend, it’s  ‘life enhancing’. I’ve learnt a lot, it allowed me to be more patient and to handle myself alone because being an au pair is all about the experience.

Advice for au pairs….

“I had incredible host families, I also had one family that wasn’t that great, that’s why I also want to tell people that no matter what the agencies say, it’s also a job and as well as a human experience. That’s why when you look for a family you need to be honest and sincere. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Don’t lie and be yourself because this is very important. It’s sort of like a reality show. You need to be honest because you’re going to live with them and sooner or later, they will discover your real personality. If you want to find your perfect match you need to be honest and open-minded, be curious.

And then, once you’re there, I advise you to enjoy your adventure as much as possible! I have incredible memories. I discovered so many restaurants because food is my passion so the best memories I have all consist of dining out!

Of course, there are also different au pairs that I’ve met, traveling to different cities and precious moments  spent with the kids.

Besides the not so good family, I don’t have any bad memories, but I really want to remind au pairs that this is a job. Days can be long, the kids can be annoying, host parents can ask a lot of you and sometimes we may feel under pressure. With any job, we all feel restless and there are ups and downs. Sometimes, we miss our family and friends but to be honest, the au pair experience is worth it.

In her video about her au pair experience, Yamina said concerning “the bad family” that after two weeks when she realized they were lying about many things, she didn’t hesitate to rematch and au pairs shouldn’t be afraid because there are other host families available.


Returning back home

 “When it was time for me to think about returning home, I was coming to terms with it and I accepted it. I was excited to go back home and since  I was abroad for three years, I missed France a lot! I was really happy to go back and see my family and friends. If I had a piece of advice to give, it would be to enjoy your family and friends for two weeks and then right after, find a new activity or a new life project, something inspirational so you won’t feel depressed.”


“What’s next for me? I try to entertain my social networks, shoot YouTube videos and keep working as a hostess on the side. What you can wish for me in the future is to just find personal satisfaction in what I do and why not become a blogger. I don’t know, I want to try to evolve towards a media related career that I will greatly appreciate.”


Reality TV experience…

Yamina also said on her YouTube channel that when she came back to France three years ago, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, just that she had many dreams, like a lot of people. Yet, she was afraid to take a leap of faith jump so she started a job as an event hostess in her hometown, Bordeaux. One day her little sister told her she should participate in a reality show since she had Yamina has a great personality for that type of program. She then auditioned for a program but it didn’t work out however, three weeks later they called her back for another show named “10 Perfect Couples” AKA the French version of “Are You The One?” and the rest is history…


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