One of the best things about the Au pair experience is… TRAVEL.  We’re trying as much as possible to travel around the USA.


In my last article, I explained to you how to save money as an au pair and today, I show you all the travel apps I use when or/and before I travel.

The good thing is  that you can use these applications everywhere around the world. 

Of course, if you want to have unmissable things to see you should check some travel blogs and lonely planet guides.



1. Roadtrippers

Organize your road trip from A to Z by finding places to sleep (the durations, fees, etc.) You can create and customize your own road trip everywhere in the world. I recommend it at 1000%!



   2. Hopper 

Find the cheapest flight ticket everywhere in the world.  You have also, Skyscanner   or google flight.



3. Airbnb

One of the most popular application to find a place to stay.



 3. CouchSurfing Travel App

Find a FREE and TEMPORARY place to stay for one night or more (it depends). You’ll sleep in people’s house The interest of this service goes beyond simple accommodation: it is a possibility to cosmopolitan cultural encounters at lower cost.

4.  GoWiz

An easy way to find travel buddies 🙂 This is the first application based on experience, advices and discovery.




5.  Gas Buddy (if you travel with a car)

Find gas stations where or close to where you are. Megabus (if you take the bus) = Buy cheap bus ticket to travel around the USA.


I’m Marie. I’m 19. Currently I live in Washington DC where I’m taking care of 2 kids since February.

If I have to describe myself, I’d say, I’m a smiling, dynamic, motivated person who loves art, travelling around the world, meeting new people, and adventure.

I’m a writter for Au pair Chronicles cause I want to share some good advice ( au pair, travel…) to you and help you in your Au pair life.
I also have a Faebook page where I share pictures from my trips.
Marie Grd

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