Skyping your first host family can seem like a daunting experience. But like any other job interview, you have to look your best and impress the interviewer! Here are some tips I’d like to share with you…
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  1. Don’t wear your pajamas. Remember that this is a job interview even though it’s on Skype or FaceTime! Look professional and make sure the background is clear of any extraneous activity.
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  2. Ensure sound/lightning is of good quality. Test this out by Skyping a friend before your call.
  3. After your interview, chase the host family up via email or them for another interview but try not to be too eager.
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  4. Don’t pick your first host family. Talk to others and truly get an idea of what’s out there especially if this is your first time being an au pair.
  5. Have an idea of what age range you would like to look after and consider your childcare experiences.
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  6. Here are some questions to ask when Skyping your host family:
    – What are your expectations of hosting an au pair?
    – What will be my main responsibilities?
    – How many hours will I work everyday?
    – How will you welcome me into your home?
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    – Can I talk to your current au pair or previous nanny?
    – Why have you chosen to host an au pair?
    – Will I have free time or access to my own vehicle?
    – What is there to do in the local area? i.e, movie theatre, mall, etc.

I know this may seem like an exhaustive list of questions but remember, you’re going to be living and working with an entirely new family in a different country so your personalities, beliefs and expectations should be similar.

If you have any tips for new au pairs, feel free to share them on our page!


I am an ambitious and dedicated writer. I have completed my BA in English Literature and Education Studies. Upon completing my degree, I traveled to New Jersey where I was an Au Pair to two young boys. Currently, I reside in England and work for Cultural Care Au Pair as an Interview Team Leader whilst inspiring au pairs to experience a life-changing journey!
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