AU PAIR TIPS:How to save money on a 195,75$ salary?

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This question is from an Au Pair. Generally, we earn $195,75 per week. It may not sound a lot, but, actually, it  depends how you spend your money. In fact, if you spend your money on clothes, restaurants and travel it’s hard to save money, because you spend a lot and you want a lot of things at the same time.


I’ll give you some advice to try to combine all these desires.

  • List what you want to do with your money (if it’s clothes, travel, restaurants or all of them) and prioritize what you want the most.
  • ·  Then write how much you’re gonna have per month (usually $195,75)
    • Then divide (fairly or not) your salary according to what you want to do every month travel, restaurant…
    • For example, you can have this type of budget if you’re a big spender: Free time, (= restaurant, Uber, activities…) shopping and travel: $65.25 for each of them per week. I advise you to keep money in case you need it for emergencies or when you will go back to your country.
  •  Another example:I want to travel more than buy clothes or go to a restaurant:$100 for travel and $35 for clothes and $25/30 for free time. After all these steps, you can sleep well!

    Aft er all these steps, you can sleep well!

  •  You just need to have goals, I mean, what you really want to do with your money. I’s totally possible to save money and have fun, you just need to be organized. Be motivated and have fun!


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