Hi everyone,

It’s beginning of September, I know some of you must be excited since it means:


Well, for me September is a new start for me too. Since last year, I’ve done so many challenges and saw my life change for the better and that’s why I’ve started a new one called #AUPAIRCHALLENGE 

It is inspired by the “Miracle Morning”and it consists of waking up at 5.30 and having time just for myself, doing things that I love.

 My goals are to gain more energy, lose my 3 last kgs (I’ve already lost 14), finish writing my book, be more organized, be happier and most of all follow my dreams.

So, for my first week, I’ve done everything in this order:

  1. A prayer,
  2.  Read,
  3. Write,
  4. Watch 10 minutes of inspirational speech from a person that I admire
  5. Meditation
  6. Visualization
  7. Workout

I’m following this challenge for a month so  I can show you the whole process on Instagram. You’re free to do it with while following your own path.

I’ll write another article at the end of the month to give you an update.

Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “Au pairs love cupcakes”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”
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