5 ways to block out host kids noise during the weekend

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We can all agree on the fact that we need a lie-in during the weekend, at least until 10 A.M…but what happens if you are an au pair, have thin walls and your host kids awake before 8 A.M? more like 6 A.M   On top of that, your bedroom is next to the kids playroom!

One word…Nightmare. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video HERE.

 I’m so nice (humility is not one of my qualities) that I will give you 5 tips to rest your eyes whilst your host kids are causing havoc: 

  1. Earplugs

I wore  earplugs every Friday night before I went to sleep especially when I came home late. There is nothing worse than sleeping at 2 A.M because you had fun and the last thing you need is to be awake at 6 or 7, hearing laughter or heavy footsteps because you woke  up with a headache feeling angry. Try the earplugs, it will change your life. You can find them at any CVS store or Target.


2) Radio or relaxing music

While waiting to obtain your earplugs, you can still sleep with the radio on (with low volume, of course) or put on some relaxing music that you can directly download on YouTube. In absence of not stoping the noise, it will block it out and you’ll hear it gradually but still be able to sleep again. It will prevent you from hearing brutal noises like crying or hearing kids yelling DAD!!!! MOM!!! From one room to another.


3) A Fan or white noise

Usually, au pairs always have fans hanging from their ceiling. So if you don’t have a radio or if it’s not enough to block out the noise, use your fan. It will make enough noise to block out any extraneous sounds. However,  during winter you might  feel cold. Why not try downloading  an app where you  can play white noise (Fan noise) or use YouTube.


4)  Use towels and blankets

One thing that can help you block out the noise is also to cover the gap  under your door and cover your windows with towels or  blankets.


5) Redecorate your room

If none of these options work, maybe it would be best to be honest with your host parents and see if you can re-decorate the room. Try placing your bed in another position if it’s placed close to the wall next to your kids bedroom or you can just try alternative options. Earplugs, fans, blankets have usually worked for me and other au pairs. Don’t knock it until you try it! For sure you won’t have any noise problems.


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