Since departing from the US, I have visited my host family twice. Once when I went back to America to see an old friend, and the second, when my host mom visited England for a work conference earlier this year. She invited me to see their newborn since my host mom was pregnant when I left America.

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Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I love working with younger children, especially babies. When I first arrived at my host family’s home 3 years ago, my youngest host kid – 1 year old at the time, and I kicked off to a great start. All I did was play with him, feed him, and make sure he was safe. I loved every aspect of it.

When I arrived to the hotel my host mom was staying, I knocked on the door to unveil a cute, little baby crawling around the floor looking at me expectantly. I fell in love with her glossy dark brown eyes, short black hair, and her fragile hands and feet.

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My host mom left for her meeting and it was just me and the baby for 6 hours straight and let me tell you, it was the best 6 hours I have ever had! I took her for a walk in her stroller, I fed her, we played in a water fountain and I even sang to her. In a short amount of time, this little baby that I just met was my whole life and I was entirely hers.

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I felt like an au pair all over again. I forgot about work, my home, my family and friends and ashamedly, it felt great. Investing my time into this newborn made me forget about all the negative attributes in the world.

It made me think of the good life I had when I was an au pair – working only a few hours from the comfort of your home whilst doing something you love – caring for children.

Personally, I think that the relationship you have with your host family affects your life after you leave them too. In my case, had it never been for my au pair year with my host family, I wouldn’t be a writer, I wouldn’t have learned that I don’t want to be a teacher just yet, and I wouldn’t have known that I have so much more to explore. Being an au pair really does help shape the rest of your life.

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Who else has a story about visiting their host family? Comment in the section below!

I am an ambitious and dedicated writer. I have completed my BA in English Literature and Education Studies. Upon completing my degree, I traveled to New Jersey where I was an Au Pair to two young boys. Currently, I reside in England and work for Cultural Care Au Pair as an Interview Team Leader whilst inspiring au pairs to experience a life-changing journey!
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