Au pair life: How going away changed me

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Hey au pairs!

So, today I am going to go deep, I’m going to tell you about stuff that we think about but most of us (including me), don’t really talk about. Whether you’re a soon to be an au pair, or you just arrived at your host family or you’ve been there for a while, or you’re like me and you’re leaving soon, It does not matter. What does matter is that you sit for a moment and think. Just read and be open to what I’m going to say.

This is all from my own experience as an au pair who’s been in Canada for 9 months now and is leaving in a little over 2 months. I’m scared, so let me share with you this… piece of mind!

Everybody changes. As an au pair, you learn, you grow, you experience new things, a lot of this in only a few months. Everything you encounter has some sort of effect on you. It’s just how life is.

For the most part, these changes happen subtly over the course of a few years. Slow enough that you barely even notice. Unless you are an au pair, being away from home, responsible for the life and well being of another person.. To say the least, it changes you. This past year, I’ve changed in ways I never thought possible. So much to the point that I sometimes feel completely unrecognizable. And that is kinda scary!

This past year tested my limits, made me soar and sent me crashing to the ground. I cried more, laughed more and spent a lot of my days in confusion.

My heart got broken. I lost friends. And I learned that sometimes those “that’ll never happen to me” situations, may actually happen to you.

I also gained incredible friends, who have taught and inspired me more than I could have possibly imagined. They make sure I don’t take life too seriously, but push me to work hard every day. Either far away back home, or right here in this strange new place they are there for every ab hurting laugh and every heartbreaking cry.

I had to figure out how to let people in while being in a totally different position. It wasn’t easy and I spent time questioning every move I made, especially being away from home and everything that you know. But I don’t regret a thing. I can’t.

I’ve learned too much and experienced too many important things, to look back and say “I really wish I could take that back.” Everyone thinks about the different paths that they could have chosen. But after a year like this, there is not a bone in my body telling me I would’ve wanted to miss this.

Am I proud of all my decisions? No. I probably made a lot of bad ones during this big adventure. Did I say and do things I probably shouldn’t have? Yes, definitely!! But that’s what helped me grow. We should all be so proud!

So, here’s to us. Here is to all the times we’ve cried about what the heck we were doing here. Here is to all the times we were on a road trip wishing we never had to leave. Here’s to us learning a new language. Here’s to us changing diapers and handling temper tantrums. Here’s to us driving in a totally different country. Here’s to all the mistakes. Here’s to all the victories. Here’s to the fact that we got on that plane, not knowing if it would work out. Here’s to us, the good and the bad and everything in between!

It was (or will be) worth it.

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Hi Guys!

My name is Kim, I am 22 years old and I am from a little country called the Netherlands. In Febuary of 2016 I decided, after a long struggle with relationships, school & my health, that it was time for a break and that I needed to throw myself into something new! I found a wonderful family in Virden, Canada with 3 cute kids which I have been working for for the last 7 months. Sadly, I will be leaving in July but I decided to start another au pair year in Dublin, Ireland in August and I cant wait!
I’m your typical small town girl who took a chance on life and its many possibilities. I’m very excited to share all the ups and downs with you!



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