Au Pair Life: 5 different Types of Host Mothers !

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You’ll never know your host parents until you start to live with them.Every family is different so does host mothers. I can tell I was really lucky cause my host mom in Australia was #5. Find out which one is yours and let me know in the comment section 🙂

1) The Fake Host Mother

You don’t feel at ease around her since you are not sure about her feelings towards you.
So you overthink too much, wondering if she appreciates you and your au Pair’s skills.
Everytime you tell her a story, she likes to say “Oh my god, that’s wonderful!” as if she could give a shit about what you just said. 
She doesn’t seem genuinely happy and always wears a “ Pan Am Smile” on her face because this host mother likes to be in control.
So scary…. 
If there is one piece of advice I can give you is to RUN!

2) The Busy host mother

This one can be nice or such a bitch. No matter what kind of personality she has, she’s like a ghost in the house. 
Often absent, you only see her at night if she doesn’t have a late meeting or something. At home we can tell that you are “the mom” because you’re not just a regular au pair, you are also in charge of the family’s calendar. I hope your host dad doesn’t look like Christian Grey, because she might have some competition…
Remember Gabrielle Solis and John the Gardener? Don’t need to say more.


3) The Snob Host Mother        

This one will remind you “The Fake Host Mother” 

She’s tall and skinny. She went to Harvard or Yale and she can’t understand the fact that you stopped working or studying to be an Au Pair.
You regularly catch her looking at you up and down then giving you a little smile as if she was scrutinizing you carefully. After that you just want to run and hide yourself in a hole. 
Even if she will never admit it, she has pity for au pairs. She thinks that this job is so pathetic. 

4)The absent-minded

She’s very genuine but always forget everything, you’re not just an au pair to her but more like an assistant or sometimes like her mom. Fortunately, she’s aware of this and is really thankful. When you gonna leave the country she will be more sad than your host kids.

5) The Cool Host Mother 

I Saved the best for last.
She’s not just a cool host mother, she’s like a big sister and a best friend.
She will never take her children’s side in front of you, on the contrary she will try her best to be fair and understand the situation before giving an opinion. The cool one will always be herself and honest with you. If you did something wrong, she will let you know or If you need to go on vacation, she will arrange it. 
Anyway if your host mother is like that. You won the jackpot. Don’t ruin everything.

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