Au Pair Confession

My host mom, the kids and myself went to Florida for a week. My host mom had business there and she needed me to look after the kids as my host dad was working abroad and there was no-one at hand except for me. Of course I was excited to spend the entire week in Florida at the 5-star hotel. I already knew which hotel we were going to be staying at and so, I researched the area and found out all I could do in my spare time. The hotel came with three large pools so I was sure to pack my swim suit.
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After three days of eating nothing but junk food, I decided to take my kids to dinner at another restaurant at the hotel that had different types of food. Half way through dinner, my three year old host kid started complaining of a stomach ache because he claimed his food was too much for him to finish.
 food pizza emoji chicken ice cream GIFAs an au pair who had been working round the clock for three days, I encouraged him to finish eating his dinner so I can shower them and get them ready for bed. Did he listen? No. I urged him again and told him I would give him a treat if he finished his dinner. After numerous failed attempts of begging him to finish his meal, I gave up and decided to take the kids back to the room to shower.
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We reached the elevator and that’s when it happened. Peas, carrots, tomatoes in a pale white creamy liquid spilled out of my three year old’s mouth and splattered on to the floor covering his clothes, shoes, not to mention, mine. And the first words that left his mouth? “See, I told you I don’t feel good!”
Guilt, sadness, regret,and shame were just a few of the things I felt inside. I knew it wasn’t his fault, nor was it mine. I couldn’t have stopped him from vomiting but I should have listened to him when he first mentioned he felt uneasy. They say kids always tell the truth but sometimes we fail to listen.

I am an ambitious and dedicated writer. I have completed my BA in English Literature and Education Studies. Upon completing my degree, I traveled to New Jersey as an au pair where I met my fiance. Currently, I reside in England and work as a Copywriter whilst inspiring au pairs to experience a life-changing adventure!

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