Greatest memories of being an au pair

Like our slogan, being an au pair isn’t just about childcare but more. Being an au pair is also about making memories. The whole experience is a memorable adventure. All au pairs have a favorite memory that is special to them and something they’ll never forget.

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One of my favorite memories with my youngest host kid was when he said the word “Hi” for the first time. I remember like it was yesterday. I had been their au pair for about two months and every morning, I greeted them with the words “Hi!”

My youngest host kid was 1 years old at the time and he couldn’t talk at all. He would communicate with his actions and through crying but one day, I said “Hi” to him as I entered his playhouse and he responded the same way! I was completely taken by surprise because I didn’t realize that for the past two months, he was listening to what I was saying and eventually, he learned to pick up the English language and it was because of me.

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Another one of my favorite memories was with with my eldest host kid. He was 3 at the time and we didn’t get along in the beginning. He didn’t want to play with me and it was hard for me to interact with him but I didn’t give up on him. Whilst his younger brother was having his afternoon nap, my oldest host kid and I went outside to ride his new bike. After numerous attempts of failing to ride his bike independently, I encouraged him to keep trying. Somehow he gained full control of the bike and he was riding it all by himself!

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Those are two of my greatest memories with my host children. It wasn’t only that they learned to do something new with my help, but it was the joyful feeling of me being there with them to witness their greatest achievements at that time. After all, being an au pair is building a relationship between you and your host children and I felt like I was doing my job in those memories I remember so fondly.

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For other au pairs, traveling across the country or meeting new and different people from all around the world could be their greatest memories of being an au pair. Finding a new perspective on life or finding your passion through the au pair experience also makes it a great experience!

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Whether it’s teaching your host kid something new or traveling to one of your favorite destinations, we want to know what was your greatest memories of being an au pair! Let us know in the comment section!

I am an ambitious and dedicated writer. I have completed my BA in English Literature and Education Studies. Upon completing my degree, I traveled to New Jersey as an au pair where I met my fiance. Currently, I reside in England and work as a Copywriter whilst inspiring au pairs to experience a life-changing adventure!


  1. Louise

    There are so many great memories that I can’t really pick out just one!

    Some of my favorites include a roadtrip from Indiana to Niagara Falls and continuing through Canada to Toronto with my two best friends! And my vacation in Mexico (Cancun and Tulum) with my best friend. Exploring the world and not staying in the touristy places, but Couchsurfing and actually stay with locals! Amazing!

    Favorite moments with my hostkids would be taking my girls in Indiana sledding for the very first time in their lives. And now when I visit them to really feel loved because they get so super excited when I arrive and so sad when I have to leave again, just like how I feel. And in my second family it has probably been when we went skiing in December, and starting taekwondo together!

    In general my whole au pair experience has been amazing! ❤

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