13 gift ideas for your host family

(This article has been updated, I added two more gifts ideas)

  Hey! Hey! (Santa voice) This article is for you if you are still struggling to find a gift for your host parents, your host kids or even your friends. I know how difficult it can be to find a meaningful one without spending too much money because after all…you are au pairs.

1) A doll (host kid girl)

celebrety perfume

If your host kid is between 3 and at least 11, she will love this gift and I bet she will love you even more. You can be creative, choosing one (A hairdressing doll, Anna and Elza from Frozen etc)


2) Super-heros and Stuff (Host kid boy)


The only difficult thing would be to make sure that you choose a super hero that he will like. if you choose a super-hero from Marvel universe whereas he likes DC Comics…well…you’re screwed. Anyway, as soon as you will find the right one, you can offer him anything you want ( DVD, Figurine,legos or a comic book.)

3) An inspirational book ( Host parents)


Books are always nice gifts for your host parents. You can offer a nice cook book to your host mother and a nice biography about an inspiring person like Steve jobs to your host dad.You can find cheap books on Amazon or if you live in USA, you can go to Barnes and Nobles.

4) Candles

candle jewels

Those are also nice especially for your host mother, they smell good and most of them are not expensive. If you order on Candle jewels, you could have a little surprise inside like a ring which is nice 🙂

5) Ties (host dad)


 I remember going to Macy’s and finding some cool and classy ties for less than 20 dollars.

6) Personalized mugs

personalized mug host mom host mum

On Vistaprint you can create your own mug, shirt and many more. You should give a try to this website if it’s not done already.


7) #AUPAIRCHRONICLES novel (Au Pair Friend)

And I’m not saying that because I’ve written the book. It’s just that so many au pairs told me they bought the book and offered it to one of their au pair friends. And the good thing is that the book is on sale right now. The paperback version costs only 9,50 Dollars (8, 78 Euros) and the ebook costs 1 dollar. You can buy it here or read the 10 first chapters for free here.


8) Celebrity perfumes (host kid girl)

steve jobs book

No matter how old she is, she will love it.And I know right now you can have nice deal (perfume+lotion) online or at Macy’s.

9) Chocolate (the whole family)


Who doesn’t love chocolate?

10) Body shops box (host mother)


11) Beautiful purse (host mother)

golden purse asos

If you know your host mother’s taste you can buy her a nice and cheap purse. I know that Asos website has good deals. For example this purse cost only 16 dollars. Unbelievable.

12) Gift vouchers ( Host parents)

spa gift card manicure gift card

If your host parents are workaholic you can offer them a gift voucher for a manicure (host mom), hairdresser or Spa (both). I know that you can find nice deals on Groupon as well.


13) Gift Cards

starbucks gift card + macy's gift card

If you have no ideas!!!

And if you don’t like my ideas you can still order other things on Ali express where you can find anything for cheap, Amazon or Groupon.Let me know in the comment section what you decide, I can’t wait to know.

Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

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