Hello again! Hope everyone is doing great and already achieving some results. If not, just keep going on and wait for it 😉

Today we are going to talk about food. Yes, I know the last post was about food, but telling you that snacks and sweets are not good is nothing new, right? In this post I will talk about different food a little deeper, but still keeping it simple. I am not going to talk now about carbs, proteins, trans fat, combinations and percentages because this is a process, and we are going to go step by step.

So I bet you always listen to the media and all the people, saying: “for being healthy, we have to eat a little of everything”. Okay… Sorry, but no. Of course variety must be a key factor in our diet and our body needs many different nutrients, but eating “a little bit of everything” does not mean having a salad for lunch and having a cheeseburger for dinner and feeling proud and happy about how balanced you are. There are some foods that we have to avoid as much as possible if we want to achieve results:

  • Sugar, of course. If you want to make your drinks or desserts sweeter, you can use stevia, cinnamon or agave (you’ll find them in every supermarket). And be careful with “Diet” products! A lot of them have a lot of sugar, although they have less calories. For the same reason, you should also avoid juices or soda.
  • As sugar, you should avoid white food: white bread, white rice, white pasta… Well, pasta is not the best choice, doesn’t matter if it’s white or brown. Great options are: brown rice, quinoa, couscous, lentils, beans…
  • Dairy. Yes, we keep avoiding the white color, that’s the key. I know the most of the people of the planet earth, love cheese, but it uses to be the boycott of the people in their diets. So I am sorry, say bye to cheese, milk, yoghurt…
  • Sauces. Like with the sugar, if you want your meals to have more flavor, there are other options. Instead of putting any creamy and oily seasoning in your salad, use a little bit of olive oil or squeeze half a lemon. And try to add dry herbs: there’s and infinite variety of them and you can put as much as you want in your meals: oregano, pepper, cilantro, basil… You’ll find thousands at the supermarket. And, of course, also avoid butter and any kind of ham.

So these are the foods that one should NOT eat. Of course, we are humans, don’t feel too bad if you eat a bit of them. But the less, the better. Now, what you should definitely eat is REAL FOOD. What do we mean with real food? No more than one ingredient.

Food that the Earth gives to us, without chemicals. For example, how many ingredients, chemicals and processes to be made does a cookie have? MANY. How much of it does an apple, a potato, a bean or a cucumber have? NONE. So, everytime you put something in your mouth and doubt about if it is good or bad for the goals you have, think about it. Is this something real or too processed? If it is real food, enjoy! Our best friend will be fruits, veggies, nuts and grain.

To finish, we will give you some little advices that, combined with the ones you just read about the food and some exercise, will make your days go optimal!

  • Leave at least 4 hours between meals
  • Have dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed
  • Have a big and fulfilling breakfast, it will make you less hungry for the following meals (oatmeal+fruit is just perfect)
  • Grab some fruit or nuts (always natural and not many) as a snack. Or even better, make your own smoothies! You just have to mix your favorite fruit, some sweetener,  and water.
  • Cook as natural as possible. Do not fry or use microwaveable stuff very often.

Of course, these are not all the keys you should know about food. But they are more than enough at the moment. We hope we are helping you and please, don’t hesitate to ask or comment. See you next week!

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