How to be a fit au pair TIP #2: FACING MISTAKES

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Hello again! How did the Halloween go? Let me guess: full of candies and drinks, not many exercises, and a feeling of guilt when you think about all the “fitness rules” you have broken. Alright, no panic, we are all human, we are all young, and these things happen to everybody! But, since we are on a journey of which we wanna see results, we need to put a little bit of effort on it. Mostly, because other celebrations as Thanksgiving or Christmas are coming soon. So now we will give you some tips for facing these mistakes and avoiding the temptations in the next food-surrounded celebrations.

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First of all, after some days of excesses, the people who are trying to change to a healthy lifestyle use to react in two ways:

  1. “OMG OMG OMG! What did I do? I just messed it up! Okay from tomorrow and on I will start starving myself as I never did before, and I will spend the entire day at the gym, I promise!”
  2. “Okay, I’ve just seen this is going anywhere. I can’t, I am weak, I will always be a chubby girl, is time to assume it. I give up. I will order pizza.”

Both reactions are equally wrong. The first one can’t be hold for a long time and will end up being the opposite: a hungry and tired girl desperately giving up to food and rest. Otherwise, the second one is just letting the frustration take control of the situation. The perfect reaction would be something like this: “Okay, I did a bit of a mess up, but I can solve it, is never too late. Next time I will make sure I’ll feel proud of my progresses instead of frustrated because of my weakness!”.

But, how can you avoid temptation when you go to a party and you see those big tables full of snacks, sweets and drinks, surrounded by people eating and enjoying it right in front of your face? IT’S NOT EASY, sorry, but it’s possible!

  • Make sure you’ve eaten enough before going there. If you feel full, it will be easier not to feel attracted by all those foods.
  • Keep yourself distracted: enjoy a conversation, dance, Snapchat everything that surrounds you…
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  • Use strong chewing gum. This may seem silly but, which snack can taste good while having that intense mint taste in your mouth?
  • Talk to yourself. Before putting this KitKat in your mouth, ask yourself: “Hey girl, are you sure is worth it?”
  • Find an accomplice. For example, tell your best friend what’s going on, so if you are not strong enough and you are falling into temptations, she/he can tell you to stop.
  • Keep writing the diary! Are you sure you wanna write down all the mistakes you are making?

We hope it will be easier next time with all those tips, and we also hope no one is feeling guilty. Of course, treat yourself with some snacks as long as it’s once in a while and they are not very unhealthy ones. Just try to find the balance.

Tell us our Halloween stories and share some of your tips about how to face mistakes and avoid temptations! We are looking forward to hear from you guys! Have a healthy week 😉

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