How to be a fit Au Pair. TIP #1

So, as we promised on the Facebook page, we will start posting some tips for helping you to reach the “impossible”: to get your dream body while being an Au Pair. There we go!!



All of you want to be healthy Au Pairs, right? But: how can we start? Of course, nobody can change lifestyle habits in a matter of a few days. If you want to be from:

 Omg I feel so tired of taking care of the children, I better order pizza and skip the gym (one more time)” to “I eat vegan, organic, gluten free  and I am happy with that, I am going to post a pic of my 6 pack on Instagram.

We tell you: you will probably fail. Then, you’ll be frustrated and you’ll think there’s nothing you can do to be the way you want to be.

Well, let us tell you something: you can do it. Everybody can!   And we will help each other. Here you have some tips for a successful start that will help you not to give up and stay motivated.


  • Don’t set long-term goals, you’ll end up giving up. Better set little goals that can make you feel happy and motivated when you reach them, and increase the difficulty of those gradually. Good starting goals can be: exercise at least 30 minutes per day, don’t eat children’s leftovers, have fruit as snack…


  • Keep a diary. You can write down all your meals, your exercises, the way you feel… But what is more important: write down all the reasons why you want to take this journey. You can read that diary when you feel down or unmotivated. And it is also useful because, if you see no improvement, you can take a look to your meals or exercises and wonder what was wrong.


  • Reward yourself everytime you successfully reach one of those little goals a week. Of course, not with a large extra cheese pizza, but maybe you can enjoy a couple of cookies, a sweet Starbucks or buy those jeans or that make up that you’ve been looking for.
  • Tell somebody. Don’t be afraid! If you keep it for yourself, it’s easier to give up and go back to old habits but if you just say to a couple of friends or relatives “hey, I just started to take care of myself, I am planning to lose some pounds” then you will have this little “pressure” for demonstrating them what you are capable of!


What about trying out those little tips during this week? Comment other tips for a successful start or share your experiences with us. We are here to learn from each others!

Just a dreamer.
Current Au Pair in the DC area, loving sports, travelling and art. Not always optimistic, but trying to be the better version of myself everyday.
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