How I became a traveler and never came back home after my au pair year


My name is Maeva, weird name for a French girl, I know. It actually comes from Tahiti, and means “welcome”. Besides of having my name written on carpets and hotels, the meaning of my name reflects a little what I do. Instagraming the best pictures of the places, showing off, telling stories, checking into beautiful places every 2months, being envied by other ones who’d like to do so.. Yes, this is usually how it looks like, but actually it’s way more than that.picmonkey-collagepicmonkey-collavbbge There is actually a story behind all of this.. Kilometers of hiking, sweating, hours at the airport, eating food  court within 20minutes, sleeping on the road or not sleeping at all, being jet lagged half of the year, missing your friends and family.. But hey, this is the best you get from traveling, exploring the world, sharing your culture, trying new food and wine, speaking many languages, knowing the best places, making friends everywhere and anywhere in the world, getting into a new lifestyle.. I’ve always known that I would leave one day, but I secretly was waiting for the right time to do so. 2012, nineteen years old, deep breath taken and motivation on, I took the big step. The biggest decision I had ever made, I mean…


Nineteen years old, what do you expect? I was naive, never had slept out of my house more than 7 days on my own, never had taken a plane on my own, never even had made a decision on my own.. But there it was, the new page of my new life. I had no clues, no backup plans, not even a return ticket. The only things I was carrying was my courage and my suitcase.. A little too heavy and full of crap I have to say.. But I got better over time. Yeeah! (Applause, please!) Anyway, all I have to say is that traveling is the best thing you could do to yourself. It’s a treasure that only you can bring into your life, a choice that you will never regret having made. It gives you so much to learn, about others and about yourself. It changes you in so many different ways, it leads you to a better person. Believe me, traveling is like taking a step back from your life, and watching it with a different eye. Imagining isn’t real, it’s a dream. But in life you have to live your dreams and make new ones and live them again…

Maeva’s adventures,
Passionate about journalism and traveling.

New York, Florida, Los Angeles, London and Sydney have been my home sweet home for the five past years.
Going where the wind blows, following my instinct and enjoying my life as much as I can are my everyday goals.


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