7 Awkward Au pair Situations

1) When you’re the only one in movie theater who 

doesn’t get the joke


You’re in America for 3 months or less now and you decide to go see a movie, but let’s be honest, you still have a hard time understanding English so you miss all the jokes and feel really stupid.


2) When the truth comes out of your host kid’s mouth


You have gained weight, but you don’t want to face the truth so you  tell your host kid hoping she would say “No, you still look the same.”


Unfortunately, she crushed your dreams saying, “Of course you gained weight!”


3) When you don’t understand what someone

says and you keep repeating “what?”


It happened to me so many times, especially the first month.

My host kid was talking so fast I couldn’t get what she was saying.

So I kept saying “What” at least 5 times and felt so dumb.

One day I just said “Oooh, okay because I was tired to say What? And she was like “Actually, I asked you a question….” LMAO



4) When your host kid puts you in your place


You: Give me a kiss!

 Host kid: “No! Your breath stinks”

Nothing to say about that….. Except WHAT A SHAME



5) When someone thinks your host kid is your actual child


One day I was walking down the street with my host kid and a guy said to my host kid whilst looking at me “You’re a beautiful girl just like your mom”

My host kid and I exchanged a look and I was like “Excuse me? She’s not my daughter, I’m too young to have a nine year old daughter” Of course I didn’t say it out loud, I kept it in my mind and smiled at him.


6) When your host kid cries in public!



Children love to do this! Most of the time it’s because you don’t want to buy them a useless toy…

You feel so embarrassed because everyone is staring at you, waiting to see how you will handle the situation. Jeez
7) When you are crying for no reason, letting your friends think that something bad happened. 


Au pairs can be so emotional, being far away can change a lot of things in your attitude and your personality.

You can cry for no reason, just because you had a bad day or because your kid was mean to you. 

So here’s the plot.

Your friend comes to visit you when you’re off (between 9 am and 3 pm) and she sees you crying as if something terrible just happened.

Can you imagine her surprise when she found out you are only crying because you have too much laundry to do….




 8) You start to act like your host kid when you’re

with your friends


Let’s set the scene, you’re in a car with your fabulous American(or British or Australian or whatever) boyfriend and you guys are getting into an argument and since English is not your main language , you have the tendency to improve  it hearing your host kids talking. And the thing is… You sometimes forget that your host kids are children and they say things that adults won’t say…

Boyfriend: You did it!

You: No, I didn’t! Let me prove it to you! See... I was right!

And there it goes…

You: I just served you like a dead fish that stinks… By the way you’re the fish!Ah! Ah!




 9) You become bipolar

When you’re in the USA, UK or Australia, you like to compare people to others from your country and it goes a little like this...

“Americans are so weirdin Germany we don’t do that… We can’t build real relationships in Australiaat least in France, I have real friends.”

And you come back to your country where it goes like…


“Germans are so not open minded, the American people would never judge me in this situationI miss Australia, people are so friendly therein France people are so cold…


Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”


  1. Unknown

    Hahaha, this is so true, I laughed at every one. Chaque fois que je sort avec le bébé, tout est bien jusqu'au moment ou on se trouve dans un endroit ou il y a beaucoup de monde. Puis, elle pleure et pleure et pleure comme si sa mère est morte. En plus, je suis en corée, tout le monde pensent que je peux pas controler les enfants à cause de ma "blanchesse".Une fois quelqu'un m'a demandé si le bébé était le mien… je répète que je suis en corée… avec les enfants coréens… et je suis blanche comme la neige.Obviously french isn't my first language, I'm American and I feel your pain. Your English is awesome. I loved this post.

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