Au Pair True Story : ” I called The Police on My Host Mother “

Here’s the crazy true story of an au pair. She wants to share it with you guys. Give us your thoughts 🙂


This story happened  the 18th of December 2014.
I lived with my host family for 4 months.
 Everything was okay and I had planned my Miami vacations. Anyway, two weeks before, my host mother’s attitude started to change. 
She wanted me to clean the guinea pig cage and take out the trash (even If it wasn’t my job to do all these things I accepted since I wanted to contribute to my host family life).
2 days later, She started to yell at me, saying I wasn’t doing my job correctly.

Then She came a couple of time in my bedroom late at night 
and accused me of stealing her pills. 

I was surprised because I didn’t know she was taking pills. By  the way, during that period she was going through a weird situation with her husband. They weren’t divorced, but they weren’t living together. They were trying to figure out what to do. She felt bad about it so consequently she took everything out 
on me.

To be honest, I could have left,  but I was trying to  earn time for my university subscription in Miami. Anyway, One night I just felt it, She was about to kick me out of her house.
She got home, I thought everything was getting better, but then I heard her yelling and crying for hours. She was on the phone with her husband. When she hung up, she went toward my bedroom and started to insult me. I swear she looked possessed. It was surreal.
Then I giggled because I thought she was kidding, but not at all She was dead serious.
When the bad words started to come out of her mouth and  she accused me all over again to steal her pills, I immediately called the agency and left a voicemail where They could hear everything. And then  I called my sister.
I also called a cab, because the crazy bitch was screaming and I had only 15 minutes to leave.

Fortunately 2 days before I sent a box with clothes to my family in Miami so I had only a few things to  pack. I was almost done.
I went to the  bathroom, I was on the phone with my sister. My host mother followed me and ordered me to tell the truth about  the pills.

“I’m leaving your house, that’s what you wanted, so just leave me alone” I told her. 
She laughed, then yelled ” I won’t let you go until you accept you stole those pills.”

” Hell no, I didn’t do anything,” I answer  and suddenly she grabbed my arm and pushed me into the bathroom to lock the door with her inside. I started to cry, I was scared, and then the lady from the cab called me, letting me know that the cab was outside.
She heard everything on the phone, and started asking me if I was okay, I told her to call the police because my host mother was holding me against my will and I didn’t know what she was capable of.

A few minutes later, the police got there, they found me crying in the bathroom, She unlocked the door.

4 police officers took my statement and hers.

She was trying to get into my bedroom, but fortunately,  2  of the officers were with me.
She then told them she wanted to press charges against me for stealing pills, they looked into my luggage. Obviously didn’t find anything….

I paid the difference to get an early flight to Miami plus the motel.
Of course the agency said they would help, but  guess what? It was  a complete lie, they didn’t help me with anything. Just for the cab actually, but it didn’t matter, I was and I missed my flight, so I stayed for 24 hours in the airport… 
What a shitty week! But at least I stand for me and my rights. And I’m proud of it.



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