All au pairs are different.Discover what kind you are. 

1) The sensitive Au Pair

Before arriving in The US, she had “The all fairytale” thought in her mind about the Au Pair Experience. She thought that everything would be like a disney movie but unfortunately she came face to face with reality. Now she’s spending more time crying and being homesick than actually enjoying her adventure. Don’t be surprised if she asks rematch soon….

2) The spoiled Au Pair

In her country, she lived like a little princess. She had maids and she never had to clean dishes.
Her ultimate dream was to make it in America, be successful and marry an american man that looks like Ryan Gosling.
The only solution (actually the cheapest one) that she found was  to be an au pair. She soon learned that this job wasn’t what she expected. Be an au pair doesn’t mean that she would have  Kim Kardashian’s life…
3) The strict and angry Au Pair
This au pair always roll her eyes or sigh because her host kid doesn’t behave correctly. She’s firm and keeps saying that ” American children are spoiled. They need to be tame! ” Also  according to her, kids in her country would never act like her host kid.
I guess she knows the way back home…


4) The Scatterbrained Au Pair

She’s always the first one to forget her schedule or her host kid’s lunch.
Always the first one to have parking tickets or the one who loose her home keys.
She’s nice though…I’m not sure her host parents think the same way.

5) The perfect Au Pair

We all know someone like her. We love her and hate her at the same time. She’s too perfect! She loves kids, She used to be a teacher or she had a lot of experiences with children.
Her host kids are nice, even our host kids listen to her….Jeez

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