1) When he’s mean to you for no reason
Here’s the plot, you’ve just arrived in the States and your host kid doesn’t like you because he misses his former au pair. Usually, it gets better with time. If that’s not the case…. Well… Have you thought about asking for a rematch?
2) When your host kid is begging you to stay at home when you’re off
It’s cute the first, second, third day, but it starts to become annoying if he does that all the time especially in front of your host parents.
3) When your host kid…hits you
This one is only for “fragile au pairs.” You’re too nice and instead of being firm, you want to be like a big sister but it’s not working. Your host kid doesn’t take you seriously. I think It’s time for you to watch a new episode of “SUPER NANNY.”
4) When your host kids act like spoiled brat children 
Your host parents didn’t raise them that way, but when they are not there, your host kids think they can do whatever they want like crying in public because you don’t want to buy them candy. 
5) When your host kids are rude
You asked your host kids 5 times to wash their hands, but they  don’t want to listen to you. Then you raise your voice because you’re annoyed  but they still can’t understand why you are mad.
Let’s be honest, the first thing you want to do when one of those situations happens is to either say
 But you control yourself, keep calm and

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