Good Morning” A handsome man with Dark brown hair, blue eyes and a black suit interrupts us! Damn it! He’s a Christian Grey look-alike.
I blink twice to be sure I’m not dreaming. Is he even real?
“Hi” My voice is weak.
“Sanaa, This is my host dad” says Stefie neutral. What? This hottie is your host dad?
I was so into him, I didn’t realize before he was holding a little girl in his arms. She’s probably Stefie’s host kid.
I stand up and stick my hand out to him, intending that he shakes out. My hands are clammy.

“Nice to meet you” I say wearing a stupid grin on my face. I feel a flush creep across my cheeks when I meet his eyes, but I don’t think he notices it.

“Nice to meet you too, where are you from?” He clearly perceived my strong accent.

“I’m from France”
“ Oooooh, Bonjour Comment allez-vous?” He says, proud of himself. I giggle like a little girl. I’m in love already.
“My wife and I wanted to have a French au pair for Stella but we fell for Stefie as soon as we talked to her” He says, looking at Stefie. She looks down, smiling and shaking her head.
Did I just hear my wife and I? Damn It Christian Grey look-a-like. Don’t break my heart already.
“Well Sanaa, It was a pleasure to meet you” He says, glancing quickly at his watch.
OMG He knows my name, I mean he retains it.
“Feel Free to come whenever you want. Have a nice day” He adds. Then Stefie comes towards him and takes Stella in her arms.
“Thank you, Sir” He smiles
“Have nice Day Scott” Stefie Says, He smiles at her in silent response before he closes the door.
I look at the front door in order to make sure he left. Then I stare at Stefie, my mouth opens, slapping my hand against my cheek.
“What?” She says when she finally meets my glance.
“Why didn’t you tell me your host dad was Christian Grey Look-alike?” I challenge
“Pfff What?” She starts to laugh so hard.
“ Oh My god Stefie, you should have told me? At least I could have been prepared”
“Are you serious?” She says incredulously
I give her that “Please girl Stop it” look.
“Come on I don’t see him that way, He’s married and he’s a dad” She whispers, covering Stella’s ears.
“Me neither” I defend, “LYER” says Sanaa Fierce “But still his beauty is so disturbing”
“You gonna get used to it, Trust me!”
“I bet his wife is as beautiful  as Scarlett Johanson” I say with a gloomy expression.
“She’s beautiful in her own way” Stefie says, shrugging her shoulders. I’m dying to ask her what she meant but I keep it quiet.
Franziska’s House; Bethesda (Maryland)
“Do you need help with the kids?” I ask to my host mom, I may be off today but I still want to help. Besides I’m sure she has work to do.
“No it’s Fine, I was thinking about taking them out”
“Oh Okay” I’m disappointed; I wanted to spend time with Ethan and Emily. I didn’t see them this past weekend.
“Let me know if you need my help”
“Okay sure, By the way someone let this box at the front door for you ”
“For me?” I ask surprised, pointing at myself
“Yes! Your name is written on it”  She holds out the box to me.
“ I found it , when I went outside earlier” I take it and scrutinize it carefully.
“There is no sender!” I say after a little while. My host mom gives me that “Who cares, just open it” look. I do it and find an evening purple gown with black high heels Louboutins.
A gasp escapes out of my mouth. I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again.
“ Woooow” is the only word I can say.  My host mother’s mouth falls open. Our eyes meet as we share a wondering expression.
At the bottom of the box, I find an envelope. I open it, It’s written Step 1 in capital letters.
With love C.
“This is from Connor” I smile with a dreamy expression
“This is so cute, He really cares for you and He’s such a gentleman”

“Yes He is. Will you excuse me? I will call him”
“Of course, go ahead”
I go upstairs in my room and dial his number.
“How do you like it?” He says before I can talk.
“Babe you shouldn’t have, I’m so embarrassed”
Why? That’s nothing; I just want to treat my lady like she deserved to be treated”
“Thank you” I pinch my lower lip
“Are you ready for the second step?” He says calmly with a seductive and a mysterious voice
“Second Step? What are you talking about?”
“ Be ready at 8 pm. I’ll come pick you up”
Oh… Okay” I laugh surprised, obviously not used to that kind of treatment.
“Love you, Bye” He says before he hangs up.

Toby’s school

I came 10 minutes in advance.The discussion I had this morning with Stefie helped me. I feel more confident. Just like Rocky Balboa before a fight. I’m ready to tame Toby.
Toby comes after a little while.
“Hey Toby, I’m here!” I’m waving my hand. He comes toward me with same fucking straight expression. There is no way he acted like this in class.I’m sure. It’s only with me.
Hang in there Sanaa! The voice in the back of my mind says. Thanks.I really need support.
“How was your day?” I say when he reaches me, smiling radiantly.
“Fine” He narrows his eyes. I’m sure he thinks I’m doing too much. Damn it!
Okay I will stop talking until we get home.
The ride is really quiet. I keep my mouth shut so does Toby.
As soon as we get home. I head up to the kitchen to make his snack.
“What do you want to eat Toby?”
“I’m not that hungry, Can I eat later?” He asks making his way to the couch
“ Yes Sure!” I answer, joining him
What do you want to do instead?” I say excited
“ I don’t know” He mumbles, shrugging his shoulders. I barely understood what he just said.
“ Do you wanna play  video games?”
“ I can’t play video games before I finished my homework” His tone is sharp
“ Oh Yeah, That’s right” Do you wanna get some rest?
“Not really!”
“Heu… Okay… So…”
“Can I please watch TV” He interrupts me. He sounds exasperated.
“Yes sure!” My voice is monotone. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’m trying too hard.
Girl I told you, just do your job and stop caring ! Don’t need to mention who said that…

He turns on the TV and lets me staring at him like I’m Casper the ghost again.


  • Founder of “Au Pairs Chronicles” and author of the novel “#AUPAIRCHRONICLES”, my main goal is to help and motivate people, including au pairs to live their dream. My favorite quote is ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”


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